Preissac Lithium Prospect


Spearmint’s 4,485 acre Preissac Lithium property is located in Quebec. The vicinity of the Preissac lithium property contains multiple lithium showings. Less than two km south of the property are located the Aldous and the Authier showings. Those showings correspond to spodumene mineralization inside pegmatite dikes, with a lithium content up to 1.14 per cent lithium. Less than three km northeast of the property is the Lac de Hauteur showing. Analysis reported by the MERN (Ministere de l’Energie et des Ressources naturelles) indicates anomalies in tantalium, niobium and lithium. Less than six km south are the Cominco-Nickel, Marbridge, Ataman, Lamotte and Cubric showings. These showings are ultramafic formation, with content up to 3.65 per cent nickel, with minor copper, zinc and molybdenum.